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The staff and participants of Oklahoma AAU Wrestling would like to thank all of the individuals who gave so generously to send our team to the 2007 National Championships in Butte, Montana and the 2007 World Championships in Omaha, Nebraska, and would like to give special thanks to the following businesses:

Guthrie Sonic (Division St.) - Edmond Wal-Mart (I-35 & 33rd) - Guthrie Professional Firefighters - Livestock Nutrition Center of Guthrie - Logan Hospital and Medical Center - John Vance Motors of Guthrie - Comfort Dental of Guthrie (Dr. Brown) - Guthrie Whole Foods - Acton's Furniture of Guthrie - Dr. Jill Chiropractic of Guthrie - Sandra Lawson Travel - World Ventures Travel - Stillwater Wal-Mart (Perkins Rd.) - Guthrie Wal-Mart - Midwest City Wal-Mart (NE 23rd St.) - Newt's Pharmacy of Guthrie - Prairie Dental of Guthrie (Dr. Bumpass) - Kellogg Insurance of Guthrie (John Kellogg) - Daniel's Drug of Guthrie - Guthrie Sonic (Heather Rd.)